Matriculation All The Way!

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum and hi!

I hardly believe at how fast the time flew because… I still remember my first day at Matriculation, waking up at 3a.m, getting ready for the MPPB stuff and now my semester 1 is already over. Like, for the Love of God. It was a very stressful and hectic moment of my life.

I’ve been told and warned before about how challenging my life’s gonna be once I get into Matriculation, and it turned to be 100% no joke at all. It was actually much more than what I expected.

I’m the type of a student who’s super lazy to work on my assignments and homeworks immediately, not so passionate in studying earlier (or in other words, I revise the very last minutes a few days before my examination. Or honestly more worse, the night before exam. Being hundred percent honest right now), and a student who’s madly in love with her bed that I tend to wake up late on purpose on weekend.

Becoming a matriculation student gave me excessive exhaustion and more opportunity for me to appreciate the very few holiday I got lol.

I was surprised at how express and quick the studies were. We had quizzes almost every week and the lecturers expected us to digest and understand instantly in a short time everything that had been taught.

I only slept for 3 hours every weekdays but my entire works never got done anyway. Most of the time, I didn’t have enough time to do what I was supposed to do.

Talking about food, usually everything’s completely served at home. Or even when it’s not, I don’t have the problem to serve the meal by myself, going to the kitchen and get anything I want. But as I’m staying in matriculation, it’s a lot tougher. Can you imagine, staying at the 3rd floor and you need to go down to the café just to buy food?

Sad story of my life; I stay at the 3rd floor, going up and down every single day at the 
matriculation, less eat (perk of too lazy going down), and actually gaining weight?

What kind of logic is this? Why was my daily routine inversely proportional to my weight result? 


Let me list out and tell you 5 things I’ve learned in matriculation.

1. Try to complete your assignments as soon as possible.

Trust me everyone. The most valuable thing in matriculation is nothing else than time. I swear, the time moves super fast when I'm in matriculation, not as usual as how it is. I remember doing my homeworks at 9p.m. then when I took a glimpse at the clock, it was magically already 12a.m.

2. Never leave your 1 piece of assignment sheet to become a pile of sheetssss

You're gonna regret it so much when you leave your works undone quite often because one day when you need to submit them on certain time, you'll need to deal with lots of your works which you wish you should've done it earlier.

3. Do revision right away.

You won't directly understand and get everything you learn in your lecture or your tutor class. Therefore, it is very important for you to make revision and study by your own at least revising everything you've learned in a week.

4. Meet your lecturers.

For a better understanding and to help you with your confusion, do meet your lecturers personally. You can ask them about questions that you don't understand. It would be much better if you could get closer to your lecturers. You know, like making friends. The closer you get to lecturer, the easier for you to understand, ask questions and be successful. (ROFL I'm a motivator or what.)

5. Choose your friends wisely. 

You'll meet with so many people from different places, background and lifestyle. Please be careful and aware of whom you befriend with. Never easily get influenced with bad things people around you do. Because when you're in matriculation, you don't have your parents or teachers to guide you. You're all by yourself and you can only depend on your imaan, either it's strong enough or the opposite. Don't get influenced by bad people, but influence people to be good.

I'll stop here for now. You see, there's nothing easy when it comes to studying. No matter what institution you register yourself to. Either in matriculation, going for diploma or form 6. You need to deal with sacrifices and hardships. Being successful ain't easy to begin with, ya know?

I'll see you soon in my next entry, so peace out and wassalam ;D  

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