Ang Pao & Ketupat | Happy CNY!

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ
Assalamualaikum... I'm back!
I MISS MY BLOG OMG T______T *peyuk*
It has been forever since the last time I updated my blogspot, kan?
Okay aku nak explain secara ringkas apa yang terjadi sebelum ni.

Aku stop blogging for awhile sebab lepas aku habis matriks, ada something yang mengganggu aku emotionally so secara tak langsung, mood aku untuk buat benda-2 yang aku suka such as blogging tu fades away. Passion aku untuk menulis and blogging tu mula hilang.
Aku selalu je tau log in blogspot aku, aku perati je skrin laptop aku with my blogspot displayed on the screen, blog aku pun perati aku balik. Kalau blog aku ni ibarat manusia, mungkin dalam hati dia terdetik, "Hmmm ko ni nak menulis ke tak sebenarnya. Aku memang kene tengok muka ko jeke."
Tapi aku taktau nak taip apa padahal banyak je benda aku boleh cerita!
Then I eventually stopped blogging.

But sampai satu tahap, aku rasa sayang pulak kalau aku stop blogging macam tu je. Sebab in my opinion, platform blog ni luas dan aku boleh gunakan blog ni for so many benefits.
Mungkin blog tak se-popular Instagram, Twitter, etc. But kalau aku nak sembang panjang, blogspot is the only place that allows me to do so. Blog memang tempat untuk orang menulis.
Kau tak menyampah ke scroll Instagram lepastu aku post caption panjang-2 hahahahaha

So that's why I decided to return, getting started again at where I've stopped before.
Then bila mood blogging aku dah datang balik bagi salam like, "Assalamualaikum yuhuuu kawe kelik doh ni", aku pun mula bukak blogspot aku balik.
Aku tukar template blog baru and I loveeeeee it ^-^

For a quick and simple entry aku nak update, aku berbesar hati nak beritahu dan share pasal video yang kumpulan aku dah buat untuk subjek Etnik.
For those yang taktau or bukan degree students, Etnik ni subjek Universiti yang wajib amik dekat universiti nanti dan one of the assignment yang korang kene buat sebagai kerja berkumpulan is buat video.

Aku dah amik Etnik ni masa semester 1 tahun lepas so aku just nak throwback jela benda ni dekat korang. Kumpulan aku pilih tajuk amalgamasi and kiteorang kene buat video pasal amalgamasi. Tak kesah buat video lakonan pendek atau social experiment.

Basically, amalgamasi means kahwin campur antara  kaum and we decided to make a short movie. Kebetulan salah sorang ahli kumpulan aku memang expert in making videos so benda tu jadi advantage untuk kumpulan aku.

Waktu minggu ke-10 kalau tak silap aku, kumpulan aku tayang video ni dalam lecture hall and our lecturer said that it was the best video so far made by students for ethnic class hehehe

It was well filmed and edited to be honest, we were so proud of his work. Btw, nama ahli aku yang buat video ni Roy so we were thankful for Roy's hard work. He did both filming and editing and it came out perfect!

Mungkin juga salah satu faktor video ni berjaya sebab aku pandai berlakon hahahahaahaha takdelah. (but srsly)
Aku bukan watak utama sebab I preferred to be the character that I've brought which is adik perempuan kepada watak utama so aku tak kesah sangat pun tak jadi watak utama sebab aku rasa selesa dengan watak yang aku dah bawak so aku happy je :D
Sorry la kalau aku nampak kelakar hahahahahaha I tried okay!

Tapi lepas dah berlakon and tengok diri sendiri berlakon dalam video ni, aku rasa macam nak berlakon betul-2 pulak elemekkkk. Tolong la siapa-2 amik aku berlakon jadi watak adik Mira Filzah keeee huwaaa

Tapi aku nampak tembam sikit (part tu takleh nak edit) and muka nampak lesu kalau tengok dekat sebab lepas kelas terus shooting dengan cuaca panas lagi. Mana ada makeup artist nak touch-up muka huhu tapi aku redha je.

Kebetulan jugak video short film ni pasal tahun baru raya cina yang memang kene dengan tarikh sekarang, so memang sesuai sangat la aku nak share video ni during an actual chinese new year.

So here's the video, aku harap korang suka dengan video kumpulan aku dan mungkin boleh inspire korang yang nak buat video etnik pasal amalgamasi jugak hehe. Enjoy!
Oh and btw, jangan segan-2 untuk visit youtube acc Roy sebab dia jugak ada buat banyak video lain yang cantik-2.
So that's all from me, thank you so much for reading ^^ see you again in my next entry- signing off!

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Why I Do Blogging

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيم
Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

It's been quite awhile, isn't? Sometimes I visit my blogspot and read my own entries but unfortunately got no opportunity to post anything.

Eventhough I get busier with my current life, studying this and that. Yet I'm still trying my best finding time to actually write something on my blogspot and share it with whoever that read this entry.

there was this one fine day when I was in my matriculation after class, I happened to overhear someone else's conversation ( didn't mean to listen to them, but they were talking next to me I swear D: ). This one person asked her friend,

"Why do people blog?"

I wish I could've answered her right away since she was very close to me at that moment, but ofcourse I can't simply interrupt someone else's conversation.

I guess she isn't the only person who question that. Other people must have wondering as well.

So I think, why not I tell people here, regarding why people do blogging. Why I do blogging. Why bloggers write and share things in their blogspot.

There are so many reasons of why people do blogging. But I would like to tell the reason of why I do blogging.

This blog I've created isn't just some kind of another personal account I use to share about myself such as Instagram and stuff. It's completely different from any of them.

This blog matters to me. Because I have nobody to share my good news and feelings with. No one to express the misery I go through. No shoulder to lend on but there's a keyboard to pour out everything I hold deep inside by typing it down. Sometimes things can get a little too personal and emotional.

No, don't get me wrong. I tell Allah everything too.
He knows me better than anyone else. He knows me better than my family. He knows me better than I know myself.
Yet don't forget that I'm still a human-being, needing someone to know what runs inside my head. Informing people about feathers that tickling my heart which burst me to laughter and thorns I've been stepping on that causes my heart to bleed.

Whenever someone says, "poor Saidah, she's a total loner."

I'm not sure whether to listen to it as a humor or humiliation because I end up shedding tears at the end of the day back then when the words come back to me, echoing inside my empty mind. (But not anymore because I've reached the point where I don't give a damn about people. I am who I am and I don't care about anybody's perspective upon me).

I've learnt that, no matter how good or generous you act toward anyone, that doesn't mean people would get attracted to befriend you, get to know or get closer to you. No matter how you're willing to lend your hand or reduce the burden of everyone else. They may thank you, but they would never come across to actually consider you as close friend.

But... I came to realize.
Perhaps this is how The Lord tests me. By seeing either I will give up on being good to people eventhough people refuse to be next to me or I will keep my faith on spreading kindness.

The trick is simple.
Look at what you've received this whole time despite the hardship you've experienced.
I have my family, and I have The Almighty One. What else can I possibly ask for besides having graces rewarded by Him?

I choose to keep going.
Keep going what? Keep going on remain happy with what I already have and treat everybody good.
It's okay to be alone for now.
It's okay to not have someone to look for me.
It's okay to walk alone with nobody following me.

The Almighty isn't cruel. I'm very sure He wants me to love Him more than I love everybody else. I don't want my emotions to take over myself and turns me depressed.

I'm in control of my own happiness.

 So to sum up everything, I do blog obviously just for fun. I pour my heart through my writing in informal way. I take this opportunity and platform to share something I reckon I should let others know as well. To advise myself, to advise everyone else. To give good reminder to each other whereas we always forget when we're too into dunya. I do believe this small action will give benefit to me and to everyone as well.

A/N: I wrote this entry when I was still in matriculation and I just finished and posted it now due to my heavy daily schedule.

Thank you for reading and wassalam. :)

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She Stole My Turn!

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum and hellu c:

Okay as for this time entry, aku nak kongsi satu cerita yang pada asalnya aku memang dah lama nak kongsi. Tapi always failed but this time aku dah determined (ceh cehh) nak kongsi jugak dalam blog.

Cerita ni bukan lah hebat mana pun. Cerita simple, tapi pada aku bawak banyak maksud.

On October 8, 2016, aku dekat matriks la macam biasa.
Aku dengan roomate aku bawak baju kotor kiteorang turun bawah sebab dekat ground floor ade washing machine. Kiranya macam dobi lah at that one part of the dorm tu.

As usual, dekat dobi tu memang selalu ramai orang lagi2 hari jumaat malam, sabtu, ahad. Kiteorang turun petang dalam pukul 5 setengah macam tu.

Semua washing machine tengah digunakan, so bakul baju aku pun 'beratur' la dekat belakang bakul orang lain untuk tunggu turn.

Dekat depan dobi tu ada meja kerusi untuk lepak, so aku dengan roomate aku duduk situ kejap sementara tunggu turn nak basuh baju tu. Kat tepi dobi tu pulak ade cafe, aku pun pergi la beli roti canai kejap bawak makan depan dobi.

A few minutes later, dekat washing machine yang bakul aku beratur tu, baju dia dah siap basuh. Tapi tuan dia was nowhere to be seen. Biasanya bila tuan takde, kita keluarkan aje baju orang tu masukkan dalam bakul baju dia sebab nak guna washing machine tu kan. Takkan nak tunggu sampai kiamat.

Waktu tu machine tu baru je siap, so aku macam lek lek dulu la. Tunggu dulu 2 minit, kalau takde sape datang jugak baru aku keluarkan baju dia.


Ada seorang insan ni muncul la dengan bakul baju kotornya yang dijinjing bersama (lol takdelah. Dia carry dekat tepi je, takde sampai jinjing. Saje nak bagi cerita menarik.)

Dia nampak mesin basuh bakul aku beratur tu dah settle basuh, so dia straight away pergi dekat washing machine tu. Dia tolak semua bakul yang beratur kat washing machine tu. Dia bukak washing machine tu lepastu dia keluarkan baju dalam tu masuk dalam bakul. Then dia terus masukkan baju dia pulak dalam mesin tu.

Aku kat tepi, terdiam.

Aku perati dia buat benda alah tu lepastu taktau lah kenapa tapi aku senyum tengok cik kak ni. You know the moment when you don't want to get angry toward anything or anybody, but you're not sure what to do. So what I did was smiling. I was bewildered.

Because in this dobi situation, before you want to take out someone's clothes from the washing machine, first thing to do is to ask politely everyone yang ada dekat dobi tu dulu such as;

"Baju siapa ni?"

"Ada siapa2 yang tunggu turn dekat washing machine ni tak?"

Something like that. But popping-out of nowhere and immediately put your clothes inside the washing machine while someone who's waiting for one's turn actually right there, that is what we defined as 'rude'.

Lepas dia dah masukkan baju dia, inserted her coins lepastu blah.

I continued finishing my leftover roti canai, and actually laughed in disbelief.

I said, "Berani betul dia buat macam tu."

Roomate aku dengar. Lepastu dia pon cakap,
"Ohhh tu washing machine yang Sai tengah tunggu ke? Patut la Sai perati je dia. Apebenda la dia buat." (Aku tak ingat la dialog sebenar dia. Aku main tulis je ni hahahahahaha. Tapi lebih kurang macam tu la roommate aku cakap.)

So aku pun dah macam, "benda dah jadi kan. Tunggu jelah."


Tak lama kemudian lepastu, ada lagi seorang insan datang duduk kat kerusi kosong.
Dia ni ada letak bakul baju dia beratur dekat washing machine yang lain.
Dia pun tunggu turn macam aku.

Dia nampak aku kat tepi.

Then dia tegur aku.

"Awak punya bakul baju yang mana?"

Aku reply la, "Yang biru ni."

Then dia cakap lagi,
"Oh, nanti kalau baju dalam washing machine yang saya tunggu tu dah siap, awak guna lah dulu. Saya nak jumpa kawan dekat bilik dia kejap."

So I was like, "Are you seriousssss brah?"

All of a sudden. I don't know her. We never met. But this one nice lady just offered me her turn to use the washing machine after some bad incident just occurred to me.

I was quite surprised, hence with a smile, I replied her "Oh okay boleh. Terima kasih :)"

Then she walked away to the place she intended to go.

I looked at my roommate. We exchanged gazed. There was a pause between the stare and my roommate was nonplussed as well.

"Wow." That was what she reacted.

You see how things can get from wicked to spectacular real quick.

How someone can take advantage on you and you get to be treated nicely back in a minute.

I know benda ni bukan lah suatu yang macam 'wow' sangat untuk aku kongsikan.

But at that short times when I decided to be patient with people's misbehavior and reminded myself, "It's okay".

The Almighty just gave me directly the good thing which I wasn't expecting to actually receive.

I didn't even talk bad about her. I did feel distracted when someone else stole my turn without permission right in front of me. But I didn't even seem to actually mock whether with my mouth or inside my heart.

I just thought, "It's okay. Biar lah orang nak buat perangai pelik2 pun. Asalkan aku tak buat macam tu dekat orang lain."

Like, c'mon. Just because someone else does wrong at you, that doesn't mean you need to do the same thing towards other innocent people.

Boleh fikir kut.

Kalau kita consider orang yang buat benda2 tak elok tu jahat, kenapa kita nak samakan taraf kita sebagai 'orang jahat' dan buat benda yang sama dekat orang lain? Tak perlu kot.

So that's why aku rasa, maybe salah satu sebab aku terima satu kebaikan secara tiba2 lepastu was because aku ingatkan diri aku untuk bersabar. It was just a bad moment, not a bad day nor a bad life.

Which leads me to make conclusion that;

People may do bad things toward you sometimes. People may hurt or get on your nerves in any other ways.

But always BE PATIENT  and there's no need for such a thing called 'revenge'. But most importantly, do not release your anger toward other person who's completely not related with your problem at all.

Kau marah dengan orang lain, lepastu kau lepaskan kemarahan dekat orang lain. Jangan la cenggitu.
Not nice la kau buat macam tu kat orang.

Sabar. Always sabar. Dan sabar. Like seriously. Sabar la.

Things can get upside down and out of control. I know.

Nak sabar bukan benda mudah. Aku tahu. Ada masanya aku pun kurang sabar. (Iman lemah sangat. Hm taubat la cepat. Bila2 je boleh mati.)

Tapi oleh kerana sabar tu bukan benda yang mudah la, in which you manage to stay patient, Allah SWT will grant you with something good and better as a reward.

Dalam cerita aku ni, orang curi turn aku (this washing process takes 1 hour at the least). Then Allah datangkan seorang insan yang bagi turn dia dekat aku pulak. That act was so random but dengan keinginan-Nya, every random and impossible thing is valid.


Good things come to those who do good first.

Always remember that. This post is created mainly to remind myself first.

That's all from me. Thank you for reading and see you soon. Wassalam ^^

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