Stop Pretend, Start Repent.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

It's been quite awhile I haven't written an entry regarding reflection in my blogspot.
I reduce myself from tweeting islamic posts as well.

Why, you might ask?

After I've gone through my 'wonderful' life, learnt this and that. Growing maturity inside me (lol). I've considered to take a rest a little and just chill.

I want to have fun with people yet still keeping myself on a right track.

Writing islamic tweets or sharing islamic stuffs through the internet is a good thing, no doubt. Yet not doing it doesn't mean that you're a bad person.

If you're really a good person, you don't need to prove it or show how good you are by writing something that's related to islam. But people can see it from the way you act and your attitude in real life.

We were born as muslims to spread dakwah and kindness to people. That is absolutely true.

But don't get yourself wrong. 

Spreading dakwah can be done in any ways, not only by writing or typing it down then let people read it.

How do you feel when you read your reference book at school? It's boring, isn't it? It's like you're torturing yourself and committing suicide emotionally by reading because you'll collapse and pass out later due to excessive boredom you get from just reading. You might as well puke. (I feel like puking when I read my History text book, to be honest.)

Reading only work for those are interested in reading it. But what about those who don't? Are we going to just ignore them like, "Screw them. If you're not interested to read, it's none on my business. Peace out. *sticks tounge out*"

Lol no. They need guidance too. Which is why dakwah isn't limited in writing only. It can be done in so many ways.

No, I'm not preventing you to write islamic posts. Keep writing. Keep doing it. There's nothing wrong by what you're currently doing for the sake of Islam.


Do make sure that you're also applying it in your life, not just writing it down and beg people to do it for them. Do it for yourself too. Don't tweet something to gain retweets or likes. Don't tweet something to be known by people in social media.

Tweet something when you reckon it's worth to be tweeted about. When you reckon it's really important for everyone as a reminder or to gain something as a knowledge.

Avoid from over tweet islamic stuffs until you yourself forget to apply it in your life and simply ignore it. Believe me, you won't get deen by just tweeting if you don't actually perform it in real life.

Have you forgotten? 

Allah sees you. Yes, He sees everything you're doing.

Don't pretend, but start repent.

It's okay if you perform good deeds but you don't share it to the world. But it's never okay if you encourage people to do good deeds but the fact that you don't perform it in your life at all.

 We write islamic posts so many yet performing it in life so few.

I'm not trying to be Ustazah with all these islamic materials. I'm just voicing out about something that many people are unaware of, including myself. 

But allow me to give a short reminder.

You can be anything you like.
You can be anyone you want to be.

But at the end of the day, you need to realize that you're a muslim.

You have a religion.

You have God.

You have The Almighty to obey.

You have rules to apply.

There are things that you can do and you can't do.

You get deens when you do good things and you get sins when you do bad things.

There is Paradise and Hell.

There's Akhirah waiting for you.

Kiamah will happen and this world will be destroyed forever.

There lies one question.

Are you ready?

I leave it for you to answer by yourself. I'm just someone with khilaf. I don't just remind you. I remind all of us. I remind myself who keeps losing my way but fortunately able to return before I go too far. Let's try our best to fix our mistakes and reach our eternal happiness.

May your day gets better and greater.
Wassalam :)

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