Life Lesson..kinda.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hello, how are you guys doing? I hope every of you is doing fine as usual and in the greatest of health :)
Since I graduated and leave my school, I feel like old already although I'm never ready to be fully adult.

I just turned 18 this year, obviously still young and there are so many things I need to learn and experience. My life just got started.
I'll be leaving to a University soon (In shaa Allah) and go through plenty of challenges and a hectic life with bunch of assignments, activities and everything else.

But I feel, exhausted already. I'm mentally tired with everything that's going on in my life.
I may be too young to talk about life experiences and I'm not really good in many things.


I do have learned many stuffs through my experiences and I would like to share it in my blogspot.

1. You can tell anybody about your problems, but never expect people to care. Even those who you thought close to you. When you confess your problems, they will listen. When you write or type your feelings down, they will read. But that's all. You should never wait or hope for people to reply or response to you because they either unsure what to response based on what you've told them, or probably they're used to not give a single care about someone else's problems. Although you're their bestfriend.

Sometimes your problems look normal to people. But they don't know what you exactly feel about going through the situation. Sometimes they simply think it happens to everybody, but they are also simply wrong about that. Just because it occurs to everybody, doesn't mean you won't feel a thing. But if you happen to find someone who loves listening to your probs and calms you, make sure you don't lose them. Because mostly don't care.

2. There's nothing wrong in loving someone. You can love anyone as much as you want. But, prepare yourself to be over disappointed and upset when people you love don't love you as much as you love them. Sometimes you love your friend so much. You can be acting annoying and childish often toward them yet you can't help yourself but to show your affection toward them. But sadly sometimes people you love don't love you the way you do.

I just want to say, don't love someone too much when they show you no interest. Immediately stop trying so hard and make it balance. If the person you love can only love you at certain level, then you should just do the same. Don't waste your time and love people that can't appreciate your effort.

3. Take some classes and learn how to appreciate people. Appreciate what people have done to you. Appreciate someone else's sacrifices for you. Appreciate people though it's just a small matter, but it's a big deal for them when you show your appreciation. Learn what's the actual function of the word 'thank you'. If you're too shy to say 'sorry' for not appreciating them, do something to appreciate them with your action. There are so many things to be appreciated. Someone's efforts, helps, affection, etc.

Unless if you can live and do everything by yourself without everyone else. Then it's your choice to appreciate or not.

4. Don't take good people for granted. They can change from good to bad because of you. Every good person has their own bad sides. Don't expect good people to maintain good all the time especially when people are using them for fun. Everyone has their own limits. There are huge difference between asking someone to lend a hand and taking advantage on someone.

5. Eventhough you're not doing anything wrong, there will always be at least one person (either you know or don't) that dislike you for no particular reasons. Just simply ignore them and be better than them. By better, I mean not acting the same way as them so you won't be labelled as 'bad' just how you label them.

6.Don't be surprised when someone you truly care and love (not dedicated for gf/bf), someone you really close to unexpectedly change and turn away from you. It sucks to think about having someone you love to spend time with and talk to, telling your stories and problems, going out together but that one day comes when she/he decides to break the tight relationship bond with you. You guys don't really end the friendship, but she or he is getting away from you for no specific reasons and that upset you a lot. Like you just lost something really precious in your life but you have no idea why it happens.

You often share your stories with her/him, telling her/him about awful things you've gone through that day, sharing laughter with her/him, always talk about stuffs you both like and obsess with, choosing her/him as the main subject to present when you're doing oral at school, posting her/his picture and write about her/him in your instagram, sharing your childhood together with her/him but then you guys aren't as close as you used to anymore. You keep trying and talking to her/him the same way just like before but it's already.... different.

That's how life goes. Maybe something hit them hard that makes them change, by then their changes hit someone else directly in heart. Maybe one day we'll change and makes someone who loves us deeply getting hurt either. Maybe they feel embarrassed to confront you when you've reach success higher than them. There could be many reasons for what happens but you'll never know.

My advice; It's okay to be upset because I totally understand your feelings. But there's no use to stay depressed if it brings no advantage to you. Some people aren't meant to stay forever in your life.

 Each of you might have already gone through these, or not just yet. Hence, be prepare for what's coming.


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