Little Things That Annoy Me

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and heyyy my bloggie
I'm not sure whether I should greet the readers or my blog because I have a feeling saying that nobody is actually reading this entry or even this blogspot so I choose to just talk to my blog instead lol.
I am back again with yet another random and boring entry. Can you believe that it's already October? Seriously, time flies faster than me taking a shower. Phewww.

There are several things that piss me off in real life eventhough I can say that it is actually just a small matter. This can be a bit related to any of you, but everything I wrote here is based on my own life. When it happens, I'm not absolutely angry. But it does encourage me to flip everything around me away.

First of all, the most common thing to piss me or everyone off is when someone gets into my room to get inside then left my room WITHOUT closing the door back especially when I'm lying down on my bed. MAN, THAT IZ SO FRESH (rude in British)
Someone invented the door in a room not to be widely open. It feels like you're exposed to wild animals that could eat you while you're hiding secretly. My friendly advice of the day is,
Do not enter into anyone's room if you wish to not close the door back because my dear, we can't predict our death. Do not make it quicker than the real time it is supposed to be.

Lol nah I'm just playing. But I'm serious about the first sentence. Close the door back after you open someone's door, pretty please. That's all I want and even everybody else.

Second is when I'm taking care of my wudhu' for the upcoming prayer, but then my fingertips accidentally touch the non-mahram especially when he or I hand over something such as coins when buying stuffs. I hate that situation very much. When I hold my wudhu', that is probably because I already dress up beautifully that I don't want to 'rechange' myself to take wudhu' again. But when it happens, what else can I do. I can't suddenly scold or mock at the guy, so I clench my teeth to keep my patience and try my best to not punch that guy with my fist. Hahaha nah I'm joking again. (Please don't take this seriously. People these days are so overly sensitive about everything even myself).

Next, it really annoys me when I'm scrolling the instagram and I stop at a picture I want to see, but then the picture turns to a video of someone else I followed. I don't know if it happens to you, but it occurs to me many times. All the time, to be exact. Instagram seriously needs to take an action and fix that as soon as possible.

Oh and besides that, I get so annoyed over a situation when I'm texting my friend in Whatsapp. The part which annoy me is when while I'm typing, my friend in the other hand is also typing at the same time and she or he won't stop though she/he knows I'm currently typing. It makes me feel hesitate either I should just keep typing and send it right away or just stop to let her/him type first and read what's she/he's writing. Usually I'll pause and continue after she/he send it. But this kind of situation quite bothers me lol.

When I watch a movie with someone else (especially family members), I dislike it very much when they are talking while watching the movie. I don't mind if they don't want to concentrate, it's their business. But to make noises by speaking with the other person is really not okay. It is distracting me and it makes me think, "you should leave and talk somewhere else instead.". What's more annoying when they are too into their conversation but they still want to watch the movie so they'll ask,

"Hey, what happened? Why are they suddenly running? Who's that person? What are they talking about? I don't understand this movie at all.". Oh my.

Lastly, when people say they have certain flaws but honestly they don't. I'm talking about a person especially a woman who's physically extremely thin in a straight figure but she called herself 'fat' in social media. This thing usually can be found through her caption of her full picture. Taking a photo in front of the mirror and sadly write a caption with a sad emoji "I'm fat and ugly :(" but the fact is that many girls feel insecure seeing her because she's very gorgeous and beautiful.

Ladies, I know we can't be too proud over beauty we have and need to be humble, but to say something like that especially when you insert something pretty obvious like your thin legs and else is just not right. That's not humble. That's hoping for other people to compliment you but doesn't want to make it way too obvious. Somehow, it can slightly touch someone's heart who's bigger than you and it will upset them. So avoid from writing it.

I guess that's all from me. As you know that this entry is just for fun. I'm not hating anyone or anything just because I'm pissed. We all do have this type of feelings but fortunately it is only temporary. See you soon, perhaps. Take extra care and have a nice day, beautiful stars c;
hahahahaha corny enough?

Bye and wassalam~

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