I Like You Not

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Let's make it clear.

I'm so in love with no one. I'd love to be friends with everyone, including you and you. *points finger*
But I might as well have no intention to reach the point where I create any special relationship with anybody although sometimes I look close with this or that guy but no. The fact is that I'm not even close with every guy I know, but only with those for a few reasons. Hence do not make any speculation. It bothers me to be paired with someone and it gives hope to him but in fact, he's nobody but just a friend. I feel sorry for him more than i feel sorry to myself.

Falling in love is not some kind of a game, you know. I don't get it why some people force me to love someone just because he likes me lol. I'll just remind you that I'm also a human, not a robot or a pet such as dogs that people can easily order me to do anything in order to please someone else whereas I feel unhappy. 

Do you even know what's love all about? It's a pure thing rewarded by Him but people take it to another stage of vices and breaking others. Unfortunately to say I've experienced my heart been torn apart by a person whom I deeply loved in a million years. How do you expect me to love again when I'm afraid to fall. Make me if you dare.

In my opinion, some guys are always unsure about their feelings. They easily get attracted to girls because of the beauty, the body figure and anything they see from the outside. So whenever someone tells me, "hey, he likes you."

It's a lie. He doesn't actually like me. He's attracted to me and that's all. If a guy is serious in liking or loving a girl, he'll probably make a way to show his true feelings by changing himself to be a better person to lead the girl he loves and have guts to confront my parents. I'm never into guys who only know to create sweet, heart-throbbing words but his knees get weaken and shiver when it comes to facing my parents.

The conclusion is, I am not in relationship with anyone for now. If I'm fated to be with a guy who has feelings for me for a long time, then that's fine. But there's no way I'll like back a guy who likes me for no reason. If you do love me, convince me that you'll take me as your wife (when the right time has arrived, ofc). If not, then leave me alone. Do not spread any false rumor about me being with you or stuff.

I dedicated to no certain guy. This is general. So pissed that I decided to write this lol.


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