Mute vs Loudspeaker

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. Alhamdulillah, I found a good topic to share  and discuss with you guys and I really hope this entry will somehow bring benefit especially to myself, in shaa Allah.

Oh ! And I also hope that all of you are doing fine ^^ teehee

There are people who have chosen to be very quiet and alone. They don't talk much, always be apart of everyone else and do their own stuffs. They will confront people if only it's too important and get something to deal with. They choose to open their mouth and talk if that's the only choice they have.

There are also people who were born to be cheerful. They talk too much and greet every person they meet even at the station bus or in the elevator. Always have topics to talk about and laugh for, and they look happy all the time.

Each of us has different characters, different personalities.

While for me, I prefer to be the silent one, sometimes my lips remain shut and I would sit at the corner of the room yet in the same time bubbling continuously and acting insane with people I know. I'm not even certain what type of person I am. There was a friend of mine asked me,

"Seriously tho, what are you exactly? Sometimes you can't stop talking and laughing, making joke and sometimes you don't even say a word like you never know any of them."


I can't find an answer to that question, so I replied with a chuckle and a light smile.

I do think that we can't forever be quiet and we should at least find a way to interact with people. Have a good connection with them. We're nobody when we're alone. All strength and success we received came from Allah obviously, but everything were delivered through supports and people who lend their hands to help us. That's why we need people around us and of course we have to keep in touch with them so the ukhuwwah stays strong.

But guys,
please beware. Have you ever feel regret for talking too much with your family or friends and you end up hurting their feelings secretly without you even know it? If you ever feel regret even just for once, this may sounds strange but congratulation to you. But if you never feel that way, well you should start considering about it.

You may think that it's nothing for you. You did nothing wrong. That's the way you communicate with people, be close and sporting. You even think that people are just being so emotional with what you said. Greeting people, talking a lot with your friends and everyone are good, I mean hey our Prophet Muhammad SAW loves people who treat everyone nicely and create friendship with many people. BUT there are ways to do it right and limits that you shall not pass.

But however become a quiet person can be better.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that become talkative is a bad thing. Okay, listen. ( I mean, read ). We are granted with so many graces in our lives. It's countless and you can't even count them with fingers. As you may know that our mouth is also one of the greatest grace Allah granted us. Alhamdulillah, all praises belong to Allah !

My dear sahibi,
everything you do with grace you received especially the ones on your body such as your legs, hands, ears, eyes, nose, and mouth are what will lead you to do whether good or bad things. Every deed you apply to them will grant you either deen or sin.

In Islam, it against us muslims from talking a lot about useless stuffs. The most common thing when girls meet and spend their time chatting is they always share interesting stories about other people or I can say 'gossip' to be exact. Pffft come on, I'm a girl ( woman actually. I've grown up so yeah hahaha ) and that happens to me neither. Our excuse of why we talk about someone else to our friends or neighbor is because we want the relationship between ourselves and the people we talk to get closer by spreading stories about someone's life. Sometimes, it could only be a rumor, but we are being overexaggerate. Passing the false story to one another and it ends up turning to FITNAH.

Yep, you just simply create one of the biggest sin to you and your friends.

We thought it just for fun. How pathetic. While we concentrate telling gossip to other people, our sins keep increasing and we freely convert our deens to the 'main characters' of our stories. Wow. Yay. *raise hands to the air*

Haven't we receive enough sins in our daily life? Is getting sin fun to us? MasyaAllah =(

That's not all.

What about the way we talk to people? Our manners while speaking.
We should not speak loudly to people no matter who they are even to our own friends and family members. Do not curse while having a conversation because it's not just a sin, but also presenting the worse side of you in public. Some people will react,

"Geez do you think those who don't curse are THAT good? All of them will surely get into Paradise? Nonsense !"

Like I know, cursing people aren't always bad but a good person won't curse especially in front of people. Don't tell me a non-curse person doesn't exist. Muhammad SAW is the best example if you really ask me. He is a Prophet, and was born as a human. And we happened to be born as 'humans' too. If he, The Prophet could do it. So do we. Of course we can't be 'the best' , but we can be 'good'. It's either you gonna make it happen, or nah 'whatever i'm gonna be bad till I die because YOLO'


If Muhammad SAW could hear us talking rudely to people, he might cry and felt disappointed with us, whom he loved very much.

We all have flaws. I do believe that it is a bad idea to make jokes to people with something they're lacking of. You know, all those little things like acne problem, being too short, too fat, too dark skin, not so intelligent, and many more. You may think that the 'tease' you make is totally 'nothing' , but it could be 'something' or even worse 'everything' to other people. You shouldn't called it as a 'joke' when you hurt somebody instead of making them laugh and pleased.

When someone breaks one's heart with something they wished wouldn't happen to them, I could likely say that the person (who get hurt) won't forget all the painful words for the rest of his / her life. It's the same as you're torturing someone, invisibly.

Sharp tongue kills, mostly everything. Please be extra careful with what you're going to say to everyone though you're trying to joke around. There are times when I'm not confident to speak with people. Because I'm afraid I may leave a mark on their hearts. That's why I'm trying to do my works quietly but yeah sometimes I misbehave and become so noisy like duhhhhhhhh.

These are some of the daily wisdom saying of the Prophet Muhammad (hadith) that I would like to share:

"Many people will be admitted to Paradise on account of their piety and excellent morals and manners. By the same token, many will be consigned to Hell for not having protected their tongues and their private parts." (Tirmidzi)

"It does not befit a believer to curse (or insult) anyone." (Tirmidzi)

"Saying a good word is equal to giving in charity." (Bayhaqi)

"Anyone who curses others is cursed himself." (Muslim)

"On being asked what one should dread most, the Prophet SAW pointed to the tongue, asserting that one should be very careful about what one says lest sinsbe incurred." (Tirmidzi)

I dedicated everything to myself especially and to all of you. 

Behave yourself and always train your tongue to speak only good words. If you can't speak good things, then shut it down and be silent. If that's the best for you. *smirks and wears shades like in a movie*


(Wuuuu that charismatic ending tho)

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