Dzatun Nitaqain

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum w.b.t ~ Something just happened to me on 6th September, last Saturday. Well I know it may not be exciting for everyone else, but this incident is indeed precious for me because i didn't expect something like this would happen. Especially to a person like me.

So during Ramadhan, I went to Aeon Bukit Raja, Selangor with my brother who drove the car, my two sisters and my mommy. I went there because I was going to buy some exercise and reference books for my studies using my sister's vouchers.

I took lots of books and the price was pretty high in total. Then I went to a religion section to see if there is any interesting books that I could bring along with the rest. First of all, I found a blue book that is written by Hilal Asyraf. I randomly opened the book and found out that the contents really caught my attention. I read some parts of the book while waiting the others to choose their books. I wasn't really planning to buy it because when I check the price, it's already over the limit and I couldn't use the vouchers anymore but to spend with my own money instead.

Then as I was still looking around at the same section, my eyes literally opened widen and I gasped a little when I discovered a book called " Sayidatina Asma' " .

For you who are wondering right now, I can guess some of you must be thinking,

"Who's Sayidatina Asma' ?"

"Why'd I never heard that name?"

"Why is that name so unfamiliar?"

Well, I'm not surprise if you never know or heard about her existence long ago. I might be almost the same like some of you but she had always be someone I'm curious about when she became an inspiration to my dad. My dad was inspired by her to put my name when I was born.

My name is Saidah Asma' . Yes, as similar as her.

Now I found the book. I was stuck in the middle of two choises. Between the book about a person I secretly admire, or the book that attracted me at the first place. It was a tough decision though. And I eventually choosed the blue book. I did that because I was thinking that at least I can still search about her and her history through the internet.

Yet that didn't really calm my feelings. I felt upset to not able to buy the book that tells the story about 'me' . I felt disappointed with myself that I couldn't afford to buy the book.

2 months later, as I was busy playing a computer game, my dad had safely arrived home from Kelantan. My brother fetched him at the airport. He was looking for me but couldn't find me lol. I was playing in my brother's room anyway. My mommy informed me that he was calling me out. I went to him.

I saw him holding a book from far. Curiosity came right away. He said he bought me a book. I was already excited because I love books.

Once again, I gasped. I was extremely surprised to see that my dad just bought the exactly same book that I deadly wanted ! ! !

He wasn't even with me at the stationary two months ago which mean he didn't even know a single thing about it. But Allah is The Almighty. He knows what's inside of my heart. Although I already moved on and forgot about the book, but Allah sent me the book through my dad.

My dad made it as a gift specially for me. But I personally think that it is a meaningful gift from Allah SWT. Because He knows me better than my dad. I am way too grateful for this. All I can say is, Alhamdulillah. Ya Allah, thank you for this. I love you so much

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