I'm Done.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيم
Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello !!! ^^ Ya Allah, I am way so so so happy right now. I can write my blogspot again, my examination is over, and school is over :D hahaha.... aha ha ha a... :(

Well honestly I'm not really happy, knowing that my form 4 life is already, over. Like there is no more good things going to happen next. The seniors, they are currently taking SPM right now, and they're leaving. Okay, to be honest I am very sad. 

Actually, I am so close to those from batch 97. When I turned to standard 6 at primary school and they went to secondary school first before me, I felt so lonely. Like there's nobody to play with at school. They used to always joke around with me but then they were no more staying in primary school and i felt like losing something so important in my life. I took several months to get used to my school life as a primary school senior and wished I would meet them again sooner or later because I miss them so bad!

Then year 2011 came around. I was officially form 1 and managed to get into secondary school. Alhamdulillah, i met them again in my school! But we were not very close at first like we used to. Probably felt a little awkward and odd since we haven't met for a year.

But yeah, when I was in form 3, I started to communicate with some of them and our relationship were getting closer and better. Then ! The next year, or I can say this year 2014, I became so close to them and some new persons that I just met in my middle school. It was a good time, we joke around often with each other, made fun of one another and else. For some reason, they are all so active, talkative and cheerful. That's what made me feel happy to be around them.

And it's already November. They are leaving for real this time. Before this, I felt miserable in standard 6 yet I still could be with them the next year. But this is different. When I turn to form 5 next year, I am not going to meet them at school anymore. Even the next year after I take SPM, I STILL not going to meet them. School life is officially over. Everyone will start to separate and chase for their dream. Life goals. 

Too many memories left with me. But the memories makers are leaving me for real.

I hate farewell. 

But what can I do. This is life. There is nothing last forever eventhough it is too difficult to let go everything. I was born as someone so emotional, and this kind of separation thingy and getting apart, not knowing when will we ever meet each other again and be as close as we already be right now, literally hurts me inside. One of my weakness, is to be left by something or someone I loved so much.

I might have been so arrogant and always ignoring you guys especially the boys who wanted to talk to me, haha I'm very sorry. But everything will change not long after. This is heartbreaking.

All I can say, guys. Thank you for being my senior all the time, for leading me almost everything when I don't know how to handle some things at school, and 'thank you so much' for keep distracting me like calling out my names many times everytime we passed by each other and waved at me though I pretended like I didn't see and yes, I dedicate this to the BOYS hahahaha geez I hate you guys like seriously. I wish all of you the best in the future, having a good life and.. happy for the rest of your life :)

Just in case if one of you is reading this entry, do let your friends or I can say our friends know about this. I would like to state each of your name here, but I'm too shy to do so hahaha.

I'll be missing you for some periods :(

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