Bully Survivor

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum w.b.t ! Yo wassup bro ~ Fist bump anyone?

Lol okay don't worry i am as fine as usual. Thank you for your concern. I was trying to be gangster and stuff but nah nevermind. I can act like one in real life (hahaha loser), but it won't work in internet so i'll just be normal.

I watched Ryan Higa's video about BULLY (click here if you wanna watch) and that video pretty much reminds me to my past when i was a kid. I was a really cute and innocent kid back then like for real. I can say that I actually used to...... be bullied when i was 7 years old. Yes, i was in standard one in school at that time.

I really really don't understand why there live such a human who's interested in bullying a 7 years old kiddo, plus the kid was very cute and adorable that people would definitely want to play with her hahahaha okay I'm sorry. Let me tell you the story first.

When i was a primary school student, i took a school van to go to the school everyday. For you who don't know, school van is exactly the same as school bus, the only difference is I was riding a small vehicle, not as big as a bus. I already started riding it since I was 7 years old. The van driver was actually my own neighbour.

To be honest, i didn't have any friends when i was a kid. I mean, when i was below 7 years old. My only friends were my family, and a little kid next to my house. I remember having her as my only friend which I always played with her while the gate stood between us. But then sadly, she and her family moved to other place. Right then, I became a loner with nobody to play with. I spent my whole time playing with my toys in my house. I never know how it felt to be outside of my house or be at other's houses. That didn't last that long when i grown up to a 7 years old kid and eventually managed to get out of my house for several hours. So yeah.

I was really quiet when i first ride the van. Most of the passengers are also my neighbours but because I didn't know any of them, so I remain silent like a cute doll. Lol oh gosh stop compliment yourself, please. I'll stop this time. Pinkie promise ~

Then it started. Having no friends in the van, this one brat spotted me. Perhaps she was secretly attracted to me and would like to be my friend, but she was too shy and didn't know how to start. So she decided to, well you know... bully.

And she was also one of my neighbour.

She is 5 years older than me, which mean she was in standard 6 at that time. I really have no idea why was she so pissed with me. It's like I just did something she hate so much. But just like what I said, I knew nobody in the van eventhough they are my neighbour so I didn't talk to them unless they were asking or talking to me at the first place.

I guess that is why. Because I didn't have friends . I had nobody i closed to . So she played me . Well played me .

Her another 2 friends who were ALSO my own neighbours and members of the school van slightly joined her with the bully thingy for awhile but then they stopped. But this one cruel, chubby girl still keep on bullying someone innocent like me like it's the most fun and enjoyable thing she could ever did in her life.

I still remember her name and it starts with the letter F. That letter tho. But it ends with the letter N. Okay don't misunderstand please. I love her name, it's a good name but sadly it can't turn the person as good as the name. Sad story indeed .

She always made fun of me in the van. She was so disgusted with me. She glared at me as she was trying to chock or killed me with her gorgeous and seducing glares. When her friend held my hand, she said, "Ewww don't touch her. She got scabies on her hand."

Guys, seriously. First of all, she didn't even want to look at me and then she said I got scabies. Second, I DID NOT have scabies whether on my hand or other body parts even until right now. I don't even have any clues why is she hating me so much lol.

When i was at home, i thought about it again and i cried. I reported to my mom about me getting bullied in the van. She only calmed me down and taught me to be patient. I was hoping that my mom would meet her parents and scold her but my mom didn't do it. My mom is the type of a person who dislike raising her voice and scolding somebody else eventhough it is obviously the person's fault. It won't really solve everything and might turn it worse.

I don't know until when the bully last, I didn't bother to give attention to her at all. I just did my own stuff. Everything vanished just like that. When i was 9-10 years old, she moved and there is no more a girl named F who lives in my neighbourhood.

From what I know, some of awesome people who are very well-known and successful used to get bullied back then either. So that means I am also included in one of the awesome people in this world. Everyone can bully other person, but not everyone can get 'bullied' you know. Don't be surprise if one day you will see my face in a newspaper, poster and even music video hahaha nah i'm just kidding.

All I can say is that, there's no use bullying someone younger or weaker than you. There are a lot of ways to have fun in this world, but as you should know that 'bullying' is not the right way to have fun. You may thought that it is fun to make joke on something or someone, but the society see that the joke is on you. You're just making fun of yourself for other people to talk about.

As for those get bullied, there are two options. Whether you remain silent, be patient and ignore like nothing happen to you, or stand up and fight back mentally. 'Fight back' I don't mean by beating their face or any bloody fight haha. Just stand for who you are by becoming brave. I choosed the first one, because that's what my mom taught me. It's your choice.


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