Ramadan Alert!

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum w.b.t  and hiiiiiii !! Hiks long time no type. I miss this bloggie so much I've been waiting for the right moment to update a new entry and Alhamdulillah, i finally made it. Since the two weeks holiday, i never sleep early like i used to (12a.m. is early to me hahaha...k) and i'll end up feeling sleepy and weak at school the next day. It's not like i can't sleep, i just don't feel like sleeping and keep doing ridiculous things like playing with my phones, watching Youtube, reading books and stuffs. Pffft typical student.

OK STOP being silly for now. I do write lots of nonsense things with the intro and kinda wasting your time, don't I?

Ladies and gentlemen, please be excited because Ramadan is coming to visit us this Sunday! Yayyee ~ ^-^ *throws confetti*
How can you not love the return of Ramadan in year 2014 as a muslim. It's a HUGE chance for us to collect rewards (pahala) as much as possible because we all know that every good deed that you do will produce double reward in this blessed month.

Last year, i had the best Ramadan in my entire life which i still remember all the sweet and good things that happened during Ramadan in year 2013. I could say that was the very first time i'm appreciating and understand the real meaning of Ramadan. I am hoping that this year's Ramadan will be better and much magnificent than before, Amiin Ya Robbal Alamiin ~

Say about Ramadan, what is our preparation to welcome its presence?

Ramadan is a really important month and it only comes once in a year. Yet it's not like we will celebrate it every year though, since death could arrive at anytime, sooner or later. It doesn't matter whether you're young or old.
 Please don't be so confident that you'll live longer just because you're still young and fresh or whatever it is. If Allah wants to take your soul away, anytime Izrail (Angel of Death) will come after you and pull your soul away from your body. You have no idea how hurt it feels when your soul to be taken away.

Ramadan isn't about losing weight, it's about losing sins.
 It's not just about holding yourself from hunger, you know. It teach you how to avoid yourself from lust and concentrate more on deed.

Soooo i have some preparation that i would like to present on this upcoming Ramadan and i want to share it with you guys so that we could maybe do it together for the sake of Allah SWT :)

By the way, i'm not a pious girl or solehah or anything like that. Writing these kind of things doesn't prove that I'm a pure creature who perform lots of Ibadah, a person with good manners and so on. I may look nice and innocent to people, but the fact is that i'm not. But i'm always trying. Trying to be better especially on His sight. So yeah. I hope that you don't get fooled by my appearance lol.

Ramadan is divided into two types. First is As-siamu, and second is Al-qiamu.
What is As-siamu ? What is Al-qiamu ?
As-siamu means to avoid, while Al-qiamu means to perform.

we always think about performing lots of ibadah on Ramadan. Probably because of the double rewards, of course. BUT , sadly we forgot to prevent ourselves from all the bad habits which will affect your deed and make you lose your rewards when you're in akhirah soon.What's the point of gaining rewards but losing it at the same times all because of 'keburukan' that you can't manage to avoid ? Example like performing terawih 20 rakaat at night yet spreading bad rumour or fitnah at noon. Is that right for you ? I believe your answer is 'No' .

These are some of basic and simple deeds that i'm planning to do during Ramadan :

1. Read Al-quran

 It is highly demanded for us to read the holy Quran for the whole Ramadan. My dear, it is alright if you can't read Al-quran fluently or can't read Al-quran at all. Ramadan is the best month and the right time for you to learn, eventhough it may takes a long time. Don't be shy if you're stuttering. Allah can sees your effort as long as you learn. It is better to crawl than never start moving. Remember that. If you never read Al-quran or rarely read it before, than start doing it often for now ^^

When to perform?
I'm planning to read it after each prayer and while waiting for iftar. 3 pages for every reading for the least.

2. Dhikr (zikir)

Dhikr means to show your love and bless towards the Almighty Allah SWT. Teach yourself to always remember Allah in your mind by mentioning Dhikr through your mouth. 33 times for Subhanallah (Glorious is Allah) , Alhamdulillah (Praise to Allah) , and Allahuakbar (God is the Greatest). Another the most important shahada is Laa ilaaha illallah (there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah) for 99 times. But since it's Ramadan, it is recommend for you to dhikr repeatedly ~

When to perform?
Just the same as reading Quran. But i'll doing it right after finishing my prayer and before start reading Al-quran.

3. Salawat

Salawat isn't only when you remember or you have free time. It's actually a MUST for you to always 'selawat' for our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W because those who remember Rasulullah SAW, they'll be the closest persons with Him in Akhirah and to receive syafa'at from Rasulullah. Every salawat that come out from your mouth, whether you know it or not Rasulullah could actually hears it and He also recognizes you who always calling out his name while living in Dunya. That's why we must not forget Rasulullah even only for a day. Soon in Akhirah, you do not have to be worry just to search for Him everywhere, because Rasulullah SAW will be the One who's coming for you~

When to perform?
All the time. It's simple.

4. Prayer

Dearest, if you never complete your prayer 5 times a day, then you can start practising to perform your solah without even leaving one prayer. If you manage to complete your prayer already since before, then start performing your solah earlier. I admit, i'm a dumb who always play around and never concentrate myself in performing my prayer as soon as the prayer time comes. So in this Ramadhan, I'll be forcing myself to pray on time and invite you guys to join me along in this new journey. Soon as you hear Azan, stop doing whatever works you're doing, rise yourself immediately and take wudhu' to perform your prayer. Always set  in your mind,


Teach yourself to wake up in the midnight like 4a.m.-4.30a.m to perform 'solat sunat' such as Tahajjud, or anything that you can afford. You can also read Quran or Yaasin, dhikr, salawat, and etc while waiting for sahur.

5. Al-Mathurat / Yaasin

You can read Al-mathurat after Subuh and Asar for the least,but of course you can also read it anytime you want, especially in Ramadhan. Al-Mathurat is too cheap. Everyone can afford to buy it. You can get it at a bookstore for only RM1.50 or something. But if you really can't buy or get it, you can still replace it with Yaasin. But it is more awesome if you could read both of it ! You could receive so many rewards at a time. MasyaAllah ^-^

6. Alms (sedekah)

Although that you only have 50 cents in your wallet, please, please and please donate your money even just a little. It won't make you turn poor, surely. But you will gain blessing and grace from Allah in the future :)

Things to avoid :

1. Listen to music

You know that you won't die if you don't listen to music for a month. If you are really bored, then you have to spend you bore time with Ibadah. Duh. Unless if you want to listen to Islamic songs.

2. Laughing

Avoid yourself from too much laughing. Don't over-laugh no matter if it's too hilarious for you. Sometimes i also burst out giggling for some funny stuffs when i'm being with my friends. Honestly, i really really wanted to avoid from giggle that much.

3. Flummery / slander / gossip / curse

Watch out your mouth. Do not ever try to speak about someone else especially to mention about one's misbehavior. Well you know what i'm saying... 'gossip'. Tch. Just don't.
And please do not say any harsh words like cursing for getting mad and else. It's a bless month, bro. Don't ever try to mess up this Ramadhan with your curse.

4. Watch tv shows

Watching an islamic show is good. But try to avoid from watching any entertainment shows that make you enjoy more on the show and forget to do Ibadah.

5. Playing games

If you really want to play games, then make sure that it's not more than half an hour. Yep.

That is all for now. It actually scares me though. Because i'm afraid that i fail to do these things. I really really want to make this Ramadhan to be the best one i've ever experience in my life. I'm not sure if i'm still going to live and welcome Ramadhan for the next year. let's practise ourselves to produce lots of deeds in this month and keep istiqamah. In Shaa Allah. I'm wishing you good luck and happy fasting! :)

Ahlan Wasahlan Ramadhan ! Ramadhan Karim ~


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