Heavy Rain

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum w.b.t ~ Alhamdulillah , being born as a muslim in our life is the biggest blessing ever because Allah SWT had choose us to be in the right path and religion. We already have our way to reach for our 'hometown' , called Jannah. We are all originally came from there. So we must comeback to our place where we should've been. All we have to do is to try our hardest by obeying Allah SWT.

be grateful if you received guidance from Allah SWT because He doesn't simply give guidance to everyone but only for those who deserved it. Even muslims themselves are not all get the chance to receive guidance eventhough they were born as a pure muslim from the beginning.

Islam is beautiful. Islam is amazing.

If you learn deeper about Islam, you will find out how Almighty Allah is in this universe and make your love towards Him grows bigger. (just like my bloggie's title hahaha K)
When you're changing (berjihad) , which mean turning yourself to learn more and do lots of Ibadah, your life will also start changing and never be the same anymore as you're living in darkness (Jahiliah) on past.

Let's say... If you want to get into a University, you need to pass your exam at school and get many A's, right? Same goes of how you need to do if you want to go and live forever in Jannah. You must face and pass all the tests that are given by Allah SWT. Once you start your hijrah as a real muslim and muslimah, test will come to you and you need to prepare yourself by aiming A's or A+'s as a result. I'm kindly reminding you guys and also to myself,

"The more test and obstacles you're going through, Allah's love towards you will increase and grows stronger."

Which means, do not be despair!
Allah SWT gives you tests in your life not because He wants to torture or punish you. But because He, Allah SWT loves you more than anyone could. When your parents scold you when you're doing something wrong, does that mean they hate you? Nope. When your parents hit you when you're not listening to them, does that mean they are cruel? Nope. But because of your parents, you're becoming someone better and grows as a successful person.That is how Allah wants you to become a wonderful muslim and muslimah by giving you tests. To build your patience. To upgrade your Imaan. Every problem has its own solution, and Allah only gives a test when you're able to handle and know how to solve it.

My dearest, Allah knows you better more than you know yourself and He wouldn't ever burden you.
Why people are so afraid of changing? Nah, they're not afraid of changing themselves actually. They're more afraid of human around them especially family and friends.
Ehem. May I know, why do we need to be afraid of human, a creature who is also a servant and has the same standard as us? Shouldn't we be afraid of keep doing sins because Allah SWT is always watching all the time wherever we are. We're living in this world not to pleased human, but to pleased and follow Allah's rules.

Many people always think that women who cover their aurah, wearing large hijab, jubah, and talk about islam can't commit mistakes and sins at all and if they do, they are hypocrite and liar.

NO. STOP. You are wrong.

I believe those women also try their best to not make mistakes, but we are all just a human-being. Nobody can avoid, hide or even run from doing any mistakes no matter how pro or pious someone can be. Are we good enough to judge someone's weakness? Or we're actually more worse than them? Astaghfirullah. Take your time to think and muhasabah.

Jihad, doesn't make us perfect whether physically or mentally. Jihad, doesn't make us pure or become nice 100% . Jihad, it's a journey of life. Reaching for paradise in life ever-after. Path towards Jannah is never easy. There are hidden thorns along the way, which is unseen but really painful when you step on it. Yet your feet will not bleed because your Imaan will cure it. Thus, you MUST put your trust completely to Allah SWT in any kind of situation. Not only when you're having a hard time, even when you're in enjoyment.

If we're having too much fun and live comfortably without making any efforts in dunya, what is left to be enjoyed in akhirah?

If we want to taste the sweetness of Jannah, we must taste the bitter of dunya first.

If we want to take fully rest in akhirah, then it's alright to be extremely tired in dunya.

The sacrifices only last for awhile, someday the happiness will approach and come to you when the right time has arrive. Chin up and smile my love!

The rainbow will not come out if the rain doesn't fall. Heavy rain, will create a really beautiful rainbow as long as the Sun accompany along the rain.

When there is Allah, there's nothing to be worried about no matter how huge the test could be :)

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