First World Problem

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum w.b.t . How are you guys? ^^ I hope everyone's in a great health and always be blessed by Allah SWT. Before this our country, Malaysia was having a 'fever'. But recently, it was raining heavily and the weather is getting better. ALHAMDULILLAH ! All praises go to Allah SWT. We're receiving a lot of hardships nowadays with the haze, drought, the extreme hot weather, and the lost airplane which have not been found :'(

We're tested in many kind of situations. Sometimes we do not realise, that we're too ignorant and busy handling the dunya yet never spend time to be and pray for Allah SWT. When Allah sends us the difficulties in our life, that's the only moment of how we start to bend our knees and remember Allah SWT. Why do we.. always choose to have Allah in our mind when we only have problems? Why not.. all the time? Everyday? Why are we too EGO? And those questions.... will never be answered. Because of the lack of our Imaan. SubhanAllah. We're indeed very weak yet we're not too eager to upgrade our Imaan. :(( Let's try our very best to change for the better. Allahuakbar!

Lately, I found out that there are many people who have start changing and get close to Allah SWT by covering their aurah especially. Alhamdulillah ! It feels so good and glad to see those improvements around me and i am way too happy that everyone's making a good revolution ^__^

No matter how huge sins you've committed in your whole life, there is no excuse and you're never
too late to change and beg for forgiveness from Allah SWT. Allah is indeed Forgiving and Loving. Don't be afraid, my friend!

Things that i want to discuss in this entry is that... Like i said before, a lot of people have start making changes. But they're not really clear about what to 'change' in their life. There are two things that the muslim-or-muslimah-to-be have to know. First, to change your behavior and attitude. Secondly, is to ISTIQOMAH, which means consistent in doing ibadah / deed.

Changing is very easy to do, but to keep on doing it constantly is harder that anyone could've thought. The two things i just mentioned, are actually referring to myself. I have to admit, that I am having problems in changing my behavior and keep istiqomah. Sometimes, i don't even have manners such as talking harshly, the way i sit, the way i interact with people and stuff which is actually stressing me out because it happens naturally and is it obviously not a good attitude! T^T tsk tsk~ I know that i can change it. I can do it. But, it takes some times you know. Since it is more like a habit. It is difficult to just throw it away.

But hey...

DO NOT GIVE UP! La tastaslim !

There are a few ways of how to control your mouth from saying unnecessary things that may hurt people and also to prevent yourself from saying nonsense stuffs. To be a pure ( or almost ) muslim, it is important to avoid from any fights between you and anybody especially with your friends. Sometimes when we're talking about some topics with our friends, without we realise that things could turn out to be bad because of misunderstanding, not supportive and else and so the fights between mouth and mouth happen. Oh please. This thing is too typical in friendship. Everyone must have been through this. Whenever the situation is getting heated up, shhhhhhh. I recommend you to keep on silent and flash a smile on your face.

If your friends or anybody you talk to can't accept your opinion or statement, just be quiet and smile for a better solution. As long as you already know the truth about things that you and the people are talking about, then it's alright. Because not everyone wants to hear and accept it eventhough it's a fact. They'll somehow find out about it though, sooner or later. Relax and be calm :) No need to reply back to them in a mean way if they do not want to listen to your talking. Just be cool. Try your best to avoid fights. I know right. It must be really hard to not be trusted, but yeah. However, you can't beat those people's face or slap them just because they're disagree or do not want to listen to you. Istighfar. 'Astaghfirullahalazim'. That is how satan seduces you to do bad things, especially when you're feeling angry. To make your Imaan gets weaker. Satans.. they're very smart in possesing Muslims. We can't let our intelligence be lower than them. So don't be fooled! Once you fall, you have to rise immediately.

Our mouth is the most dangerous weapon that could easily hurt one's feelings and break the heart to pieces. It is surely not so easy to forget bad words that come out through our lips although we're already forgiven. Feelings isn't a toy. So, Do. Not. Ever. Try to play around with someone's heart because it may leave a really deep wound and probably could've damage one's life. We never know. The bad thing is, it would somehow goes back to you which you'll be played by someone else, much worse than before. So beware. It's kind of a reminder especially to my ownself, and for everyone. Take a good care of your mouth and don't let any bad things slipped from your mouth till people give a bad assumption on you. I repeat, you may be forgiven, yet it is difficult to forget what you've done. (Writing these things make me feel so emotional lol)

That's all for now. Anyway I'm getting busier with school activities and there are so many undone works. Pheww. Life is tough. Let's meet again in the next entry! :D (if only i have enough time) Wassalam and buhbye~~~

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