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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيم

 Assalamualaikum w.b.t my dear living creatures~ ^ ^
Long time no see :D Teehee to be very honest, I am so busy with school stuffs. Most of the time, I spend my time at school for some activities and it is indeed tiring. This year is like the busiest year I've ever been through so far. It is still on the early year tho, yet I don't even have time for myself. How pathetic.

Soooo I'm turning form4 already this year and I'm taking Pure Science which is super super super crazy and insane. Well actually, I wasn't the one who choose it. I got picked by my own school because of my good result in PMR. Everyone's keep saying that it's a killer subject that anyone would rather kill themselves in other nicest way than being killed by these subjects ; physic, bio, and chemistry.  If I'm not giving my full concentration in the class, I am so dead like for real. There's no much time to play around anymore tho (Sorry I lie. I am still playing around. Bah) .


As we all usually see lots of women, I mean muslim women around us who are not wearing a proper outfit when they're going out from their home. Some of them even do not have enough cloth to cover their skin and body and aurah and everything that supposed to be covered. This is really sad, sadder and the saddest thing I've actually seen it with my own eyes. It is really pitiful and heartbreaking indeed. I wish that I could donate some clothes for them, but the thing is that most of them are actually richer than me and obviously can afford it by themselves. Hmmm perhaps they're using their money for other orphans and homeless people. Who would've thought. (Is trying to think positive. Peace) .

Some of them are wearing hijab with short sleeves and small shirt (above your buttock) and a really tight dress and leggings. Seriously. What is the point of covering your hair if your other aurah get exposed freely? Aurah is not about covering your head only, but your whole body except your palm and face. That is all. And eventhough you are wearing long sleeves, but your dress / blouse / shirt is too tight until your body figure been showed is just so wrong. That is not the right way to cover your aurah as a muslim. Aurah is not about 'wrapping' your body, but to cover your body and skin completely from other people to see. Especially from men who always easily attract to women around them. 

When we mention the word 'women' , they are the creatures of Allah SWT who always grab attention by everybody and also easily slandered in everything they make and do, whether it's a bad thing or even a good one. People just love to judge women in any kind of ways. Thus, by covering your aurah nicely will definitely protect you and your pride from being spoken. InsyaAllah.

"Righteous woman is best of the best world's jewelry" 
Sebaik-baik perhiasan dunia adalah wanita solehah

So, here i will tell you several tips about what to cover and what to take care of when you're hanging out from your house. Let's get starting!  ^^

1. Hijab

Hijab or jilbab is like a woman's crown that holds your self-respect and people will always look high on you. I mean, if only you wear it properly. The right way to wear hijab is when your neck and breast get covered by it. It's simple, aite? There goes saying,
"The sun doesn't lose its beauty when covered by the clouds.
The same way your beauty doesn't fade when being covered by Hijab."
  So women, don't be afraid! You won't look ugly at all if you're wearing hijab or in other meaning cover your aurah. If men are looking at you with great interest when you're exposing your aurah, they will look at you with much respect when you're covering your aurah. MasyaAllah ^^

2. Cloth

When you're wearing a shirt, make sure to choose a cloth that's big and loose which is good enough to cover your body figure from being shown. Do not wear clothes that is too tight to your body . The sleeves must be long and the shirt has to be large until it reach under your buttock. Or in the better way, until your shirt reach or almost reach your knee. Make sure that your buttock will be covered with your shirt especially if you're wearing a jeens.

In addition,

you can wear handsock so that your hand will never be exposed when you're raising your hand or move too much.
And if you want to look more feminine, you can also wear a long skirt when you're meeting your friends and else c:

3. Sock

Remember dear muslimat. Our legs are also an aurah like the others which we have to cover it. The only part where we can show is our palm and face. Legs aren't included, which means we need to wear socks . ^^ As we cover our hair with hijab, it's the same as how we have to cover our legs with stokings~

That's all. It's simple and easy. If you're able to take care of your aurah, that means you're also able to take care of yourself from being disturbed. Women, you're very valuable and Allah SWT has created you as a very special creature. Do not let any other guy to take an opportunity on you. Good luck, and let's meet each other in Jannah, insyaAllah ^-^

Wasalam ~

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