Once Upon A Horror

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum w.b.t to muslims and greetings to all beautiful creatures who's now reading my entry infront of the computer screen. Hehe.
How is it goin' , everyone? How's your holiday? Good? No? Okay okay I know you guys are bored. Fine. Geez.

Okay enough with this nonsense intro.
Last night, I couldn't sleep at all. Well actually, every night. It's so damn tiring okay. I wanted to sleep like so bad, but my mind won't let me. I am now have completely turned to an owl. I don't even feel sleepy and keep lying down on my bed while staring at the ceiling, waiting for the moment to fall asleep but I will never gonna. Last year happened the same thing too in November and December. The night before the first day of school 2013, I did not sleep at all. Sounds crazy, but it's a true story. I went to school for the first day without feeling sleepy but a bit weak, then went back to home and eventually went coma for 10 hours. BAM.
I'm not quite sure what will happen for this year. I don't know if this thing will gonna repeat or might be worse and stuff. Let's just not let it happen again. It's pissed me off. Come on, I wanna make it perfect for the first day of school. Please guys, if you do have any suggestion and idea how to make me sleepy and able to sleep at night, do let me know. I am so desperate right now. I will serve you sandwich every morning if you're willing to help me. No problem.
So because of that, I ended up watching Anthony+Kalel videos on youtube channel (WatchUsLiveAndStuff) to reduce my boredom. One of their video reminded me to my horrific experience that I've gone through with my friends. So this is the topic what am I going to talk about.

It was Ramadhan, and we were all about to have Iftar together and made the first gathering. We decided to go to Harbour Place, Klang because it is near to our living place and there's mosque inside of it so we could perform our Maghrib.
 Everything went so well at first, nothing really happened.We came there early, so we were having some hilarious chit-chat and strolled around.
After that, one of my friend suggested to go to the mosque which is placed at the parking place 10 minutes before Maghrib. So there actually 12 girls (including myself) who were joining this Iftar. 3 of them didn't follow us to the mosque because they were planning to perform Maghrib after having Iftar and we were like, 'Okay, no problem' . 2 of them didn't follow us either. They did go to the mosque, but a bit late. If I wasn't wrong, they went to the toilet first, I guess. I don't know, I've forgotten. So the remaining were only 7 people. They are Sab, Ieyja, Isya, Amal, Riem, Zee, and me myself.
We actually didn't know at what floor the mosque is, so we randomly clicked at any floor. We had been in the elevator for 4 times already and STILL DID NOT FIND THE MOSQUE. 2 of our friends told us that they were not feeling good for some reasons. They said that they felt something wrong with their instinct but they got no idea what was it all about. We all may be together in a group, but that didn't help us from feeling eerie inside.

My friend, Riem said "It seems like the satan is trying to play with us.. they're obscuring our eyes" . I actually didn't really get it at first because I was thinking that it is Ramadhan and her statement didn't sounds right to me. But soon after I went home, I totally understand what she meant.

I believe that lots of you were told that Satans get arrested and jailed during Ramadhan. I first thought the same thing. But don't get me wrong.

The actual thing is that,
Satans do not get arrested in Ramadhan, but our heart have been fenced which preventing it from getting distracted by the Satans for the whole Ramadhan. They are all still around us.

We got into the elevator again for the 5th times and went to 4 floor, which actually we had been there before. Alhamdulillah, we eventually found it!
Think again. We had been to that floor once, but why we just found it now? Why didn't we feel like opening the door and searched it outside? Hmmm

So we got there, performing out Maghrib, but before we started doing our Solah, we heard voices laughing. We looked back and it was actually our another 2 friends that I told you before. Surprisingly, they had experience something that's much terrible and awful than us. This is what they both told us:

They are Qila and Barr. They went to the elevator to go to the mosque. Actually guys, they went to a different elevator which actually they have to across the centre of the building to go out and reached the Mosque. For those who have been to Harbour Place before, as you all already know that there's not that much shops, restaurants or anything else open in it. The only place where people would definitely go is the ground floor and 7th floor because there's cinema up there. My friends were taking the wrong elevator, which placed much further from the Mosque.

They were also like us, didn't know where the Mosque was. They reached 2nd floor, looking around for confirmation if they were at the right floor. Then suddenly, Barr said that she heard Zee's voice and all of us laughing from somewhere close.
But you know what? To be very damn honest, we didn't laugh at all along the way to the Mosque and even if we did, it is so so so impossible to be heard from their place. Legit.
So both of them decided to walk and searched for us because they really thought that the noise that Barr just heard to was ours.

This is the climax.

As I told you before, both of them had to across the empty, dark centre of the 2nd floor to go to the elevator that we had been used before. There's nothing on that floor. Nothing, I repeat.
As they were slowly walking there, there were tables and 2 chairs around every table. I don't know, maybe a restaurant that had not been opened yet. But, there was one light on hanged above this one table, ...

and there were 2 people sat on the chair. Exactly where the light was. a guy, and a woman. The guy looked normal and relax, while the woman who sat next to him but still had some space between them was looking down, holding the shawl that she wore on her head at the neck part with her eyes opened wide. 

Human? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Qila suggested to Barr if they should ask them where the Mosque is located. Well, she's a bit naive and didn't suspect a thing. So yeah.
But Barr didn't feel well and pulled Qila's sleeve, walked quickly until they finally found the elevator and mosque.

Everyone was feeling so down and scared, we couldn't really express how terrifying it was. But in the end before return home, we had some deep conversation and confession and everything turned good again. Although many weird things happened on that day, but we have created lots of sweet moments together. Just like a family.

 Rawwwrr ~! (Wait, that doesn't sound like a ghost...)

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