Childhood Momento

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and Hiiii ~
During this long holiday, I got inspired by so many things especially stuffs that surrounded me and my life. I sometimes can't believe that I am already 15 years old this year (and about to reach 16) and go to middle school. How is this even happening? I still remember about getting scolded by my mom for being naughty. By then, I remembered all the mischievous things I've done when I was younger and decided to make an entry about it ^^

First of all, I have 6 siblings in my family including myself. I am the last child and the age difference between me and my sister who was born before me was 7 years. So that means that she's already 22 years old in year 2013. Pretty far, isn't ?

When I was a kid, I was quite lonely and got nobody to play with at noons. My brothers were busy with computers while my sisters went to College and school. The only stuffs that had been company me were the toys. And actually, I'm really addicted with toys since I was a kid and even until now :D (Hey don't judge) . Because it is fun!!! It's not something bad to be ashamed of. C'mon

One of the thing that i used to do was playing with a wire hanger and turned it to a bow. I do think that other kids also have done this before. You know, like pulling the wire backward and acted like you gonna shoot something. Hahaha. Nowadays, we don't use wire hanger anymore. So sadly, I couldn't make one with it and snap picture to show it to you guys. Hehee

Next, when I was in kindergarden I used to think that lipstick was a food because of the smell and the color looked so attractive to me. I was looking at my mom's make-up desk, took one of her lipstick, opened it and actually ATE IT. Yes, I bit it! Once it got into my mouth, I started to realize that it tasted so awful and finally got to know that it is NOT a food. My mom got into the room, saw me eating one of her lisptick and asked me to spit it out immediately. After remembering this thing for now, I feel like a complete idiot when I was a kid xD I mean, I know I was too young back then but eating a lipstick like .. seriously?!

I used to have this one old habit when I was a kid. I loved to make a continuous dot in line on any notebook I found and called it as a 'walking ants' . I kept tapping the book with a pencil for pages. I have no idea what is so exciting about this tho. I never understand my childhood.

Then, everytime I wanna go to sleep I would ask my mom to sleep along with me next to me because I was scared of staying in a room by myself. So my mom would definitely lied down on the bed until I fell asleep before she could get up and continued her jobs that she was currently doing.

Also, when i got awake on midnight and wanted to pee, I would wake my mom up first just to tell her that I wanted to go to the toilet. Or insted of going to pee, sometimes I got awake by myself because I felt thirsty and wanted to have a drink. I woke her up just to let her know that I was going to go out and drink.

Besides that, I used to read lots of Doraemon comics. I have like, millions of Doraemon comics in my house that my siblings bought and some of them have gone missing already now, sadly. It was my favorite hobby, after all. Lying down on a couch and read comics. Actually when I was going to take a dump, I would bring along one of the Doraemon comic to be read hahaha xD This sounds so wrong though. It was on past, okay. I was just a kid. An innocent kid. I don't do this dirty job anymoar. Stahp it.

Lastly, I loved pink so much. It used to be my favorite color. Well, I believe lots of kids do love Pink. Everything that I bought or used must be Pink in color and my mom even always bought me pink shirts and pants and Hijab and Watch, etc etc etc. But soon after I went to Primary school, many people (the same age) around me kept saying that Pink is like a symbol of 'gedik' girls and I was like 'Kfine' . I stop liking Pink since then and now my recent, one and only favorite color would forever be red. SO SO ADDICTED TO RED. Best color ever exist.

Sooooo that's all for now. Probably there are still lots of them but I'm kind of not really remember anymore and the memories faded away slowly. But now I made an entry about it, so I'm surely will never forget all these things ^^ 

Byeeeeee~ :3

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