بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ


Assalamualaikum w.b.t sahibi who's currently reading this entry. Hehe
It's been awhile since the last time i used my blogspot and now i've decided to make my own 'comeback' to write my another simple yet annoying entry again and i hope that people won't die due to the boredom of reading any of these hahahaha .


For my whole journey as a last student who took PMR this year, I've been through a lot of things with the studies , life , friends , and etc . But the most significant experience that ever happened in my life is that I eventually has found the right path of His guidance. Subhanallah thanks to Allah.

I'm only 15 years old this year. People might think that it is too young to make changes, but for me, this is the right moment and time as a Muslim to actually 'bertaubat' and beg for His forgiveness completely. If I don't get started from now on, then when would it be?

You know. Life is too short to have fun.

Death is slowly approaching. And my current status ?

= "I'm not ready yet."

Exactly. 15 years of living on this world , so many useless things I've done and I can even count how many 'pahala' I have. It's shameful , and I'm ashamed of myself. I'm ashamed of the old me. I'm ashamed of everything i did when i was younger and immature. I started to wear hijab when i was 9 years old , so far i think I've not commit any huge sins yet ( I HOPE SO ) . But I still repeat the same sins , again and again. And it's the same as I've done a huge sin . I lied . A lot . I feel very despicable . What's the use of living , being successful and known by people while I have no time to fill up my time remembering Him , my one and only Creator ? Astaghfirullah Ya Allah :(

But today, tomorrow, and forever will be, I'll never forget. I'm sick of being hypocrite . I was born as a muslim . I should , and must act like one . Do people ever know , how lucky are we actually to be a muslim since the day we were born . We are the choosen one . It's us !

Look .
Allah gives everything we need . Allah grants everything we ask . But what do we give Him in return ?

In every sadness we've been through , Allah change it to happiness that we have never imagine . We are so blessed in every second and Allah has been around us ALL THE TIME . You don't need eyes to see him , but you need a heart and Imaan to feel him . The more closer you get to  Him ,  the more grace and mercy He'll give you. Once you seek for him , and He will always remember you .

Do you know why Allah SWT still give me a chance to change ?
Simple. Because He loves me . He loves each of His servants . He loves us too much . 

We are indeed a human with bunch of sins . But Allah SWT , will always forgive us , and still giving lots of chance and hoping for us to change . Have we ever realize this ?

Sad to say , we never be grateful to be a Muslim .

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